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Optio Ventures is not investing at this time. We plan to begin

deploying a fund within the next 24 months.

We invest with integrity. We hold a high level of trust in the entrepreneurs we choose to back, giving them the autonomy they need to grow and accelerate their companies. We help our portfolio companies as needed, encouraging sustainable growth and strategic development of their technologies.

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At Optio Ventures, we invest in early-stage startups. We look for smart, well-rounded teams building bold solutions to challenging problems.

We view making an investment as part of building a strong and lasting partnership with talented entrepreneurs. We strive to be a value-add investor, assisting where we can, though not by driving the ship – we invest based on trust in our founders.

Optio Ventures invests in companies building technologies to solve the some of the world's most challenging problems for the benefit of humanity. We take a broad view of what this might mean, but we have a particular interest in novel solutions to problems in biotech, healthcare, wellness, energy, sustainability, agriculture and transportation.

Connect with us if you're building something incredible, or if looking to invest.

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