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Optio Ventures strives to operate like the extra founder or executive you need. We fill gaps. We bring experience, an outside perspective and critical skill sets to the table.

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Founding a company is one of the greatest challenges you will embark on. Founders are pulled in a multitude of directions. There is never enough time. 

At Optio Ventures, we believe that what driven founders sometimes need most is additional capacity – a safe pair of hands that will get the job done, a plug-in resource to reduce pressure on the true founders and get past bottlenecks. Optio Ventures exists to provide capacity where hiring full-time is not the answer. Bringing in ready-to-work, capable and relevant skill sets will ultimately enable faster growth. 

Optio is more than your average consultant – we are a flexible business partner. Think of Optio as the extra founder or executive you never had. We integrate into your team to provide assistance on whatever needs to get done.


Financial Planning & Analysis

Project & Ops Management

Strategy Analysis & Formulation

Grant Application Development

Fundraising & Seed Round Support





Optio Ventures specialises in working with energy and biotech companies on a mission to change the way the world works today. We bring a history of expertise in corporate finance, fundraising and strategy at C-suite level.

Optio has worked in important business roles with clients across industry, especially in science- or tech-heavy industries from biotech and technology to energy and sustainability, to arts, media & entertainment. 

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