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Optio Ventures is a boutique consulting and venture capital firm that partners with companies as a business resource and capital provider.

We provide investment at the angel or seed levels for early-stage startups, as well as consulting services that span the business-focused side of the value chain for early-stage and small- to medium-sized enterprises.

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The concept behind Optio Ventures comes directly from the Ancient Roman military. The Optio was an officer in a unit of one hundred men (a century) who served as second in command to, and was chosen by, the Centurion.

The Optio was a flexible officer whose function was to fill any specific role in the century, as required. From the last ranks of the century, the Optio kept the legionaries in line during battle and was also expected to fill the shoes of the Centurion, as the commanding officer, should he fall at any point in battle.​


Like the Optio in a Roman army, Optio Ventures is specifically chosen by our clients to serve and fill any role that is required, even interim C-level positions. We serve as a flexible consulting and business resource, and work to execute on the vision of our clients, integrating into a team to get any job done.


Auxilio Fortior

When investing, we like to build a true partnership with our entrepreneurs, striving to add value, though not by driving the ship. Our aim is to support our entrepreneurs – to be the Optio to their Centurion. Our goal is to bring to the table more than just capital.

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